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What are the advantages of FRP grating? – FRP Gratings
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What are the advantages of FRP grating?

  1. Light-weight:  its specific gravity is about 1.8, its weight is only 1/4 of steel material, and 2/3 of aluminum material.
  2. High strength: its strength is tenfold of RPVC, the raw intensity is much more stronger than aluminum material.


  3. Corrosion resistance: polyester type is a kind of  non-metallic material, it is resistant to rust, not moldy, staleproof, and no need to be painted. It is able to bear many kinds of corrosion of air and liquid. It is service-free. Therefore, some traditional grating will not corrode or get rust in some chemical mediators, it is not need to be check and maintain.
  4. Fatigue resistance: frp grating has slightly elasticity, this make us feel comfortable when working for a long time on it. As a working platform,  it can help to reduce feeling of fatigue on leg and back, increase the comfort degree so that working effect is also improved.


  5. Convenient to install: frp grating make the weight of components reduced much, thus it help to reduce the weight of structural support. Not need to use lifting equipment  while installing. It is economy and convenient.
  6. Safety: it has characteristics of smolder and insulation. When frp grating is using, it will not produce spark when crashed each other. It is suit for some inflammable and explosive environment, whats more, some grating with non-skidsurface can help for fall prevention.
  7. Good comprehensive economic efficiency: compared with common carbon steel, composite cost of frp grating is low, even though the initial investment is higher than common steel, because of it has long service life. Can be used for about 20 years and do not need to maintain. Its composite economic results  is much better than carbon steel.


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