Installation in the trench:
1. Refer to the size of simple lattice of grating, adjusting the size of trench as much as possible. To maintain a integrality of table cell and achieve the aim of an artistic and decent installation effect.
2. Grating has at least 50mm width in the concrete foundation, the gap among grating and concrete foundation is about 3-6mm.


Install on the platform:
1. Support sides of Grating has a wide retainer of size 40mm on the girder, gap between each grating is 6mm. The installation gap of grating and concrete is 10mm.
2. Grating and support and girder should be fixed by fixture with the size of M or L. at least 4 fixtures for each grating. Two adjacent gratings should be connected by fixture with the size of C.

Installed in the stairs:
1. Footsteps of grating should be stalled on the frame of footsteps or bracket. Frame and bracket can be made by steel, can also made by fiber glass.
2. Footsteps of grating and frame has a gap with size of 3-6mm, each footstep will be fixed by 8 fixtures. Two fixtures in each corner, they can also be fixed on the bracket.