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FRP Grating – FRP Gratings
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FRP Grating

1.Selection of materials

To produce a high quality FRP grating, we choose resin, fiberglass fiber and filler calcium powder as its material, and collocate the materials with the ratio of 1:1:1. high quality FRP grating also need a high quality resin, Unsaturated adjacent benzene resin 196 owns many advantages, such as colorless and transparent, low viscous, exothermic low, low shrink, quick-curing, high-speed compatibility, High gloss, and so on. The FRP grating produced by high quality resin has characteristics of flat and smooth, good gloss, great intensity and resilient in some extent. However, FRP grating produced by inferior resin is completely opposite, it should be turbid, high viscosity, high exothermic, high shrink, relative curing and its consistency is poor. Therefore, FRP grating produced by inferior resin has many air hole and it is easy to fracture. Its intensity and tenacity is very poor.

2.Comparison of finished product

High quality FRP grating product do not have sharp crack, it has fewer stomata. The color of product id bright and unadulterated. Its tenacity and intensity is good enough, which has a long service life. But the poor quality frp grating has bad degree of finish , can not maintain a long service life.

FRP Micro Mesh Molded Grating4 - FRP Grating

3.Proves with practice

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth, and time is also the most fair referee. FRP grating will exhibit his strength and luck when it is used. After be used for several years, its color may become slight, but the whole cover will be unwounded and there is no obvious damage on it. The poor quality FRP grating is very likely to suffer from some problems such as corrosion rupture occurs, plate is not smooth after using it for a long time. The color is also serious degraded.  Generically, FRP products are always keep in service for about 20 years, but poor quality FRP grating will appear the aging phenomenon in two years. Therefore, it will cause an  unimaginable loss for customers.

Hebei Juyi FRP products Co., Ltd suggesting you that, do search a standard manufacturers to buy high quality FRP grating so as to maintain a well producing and living. If you have any questions about FRP products, please send E-mail to us, our Email address is frp@frpnews.com, you can all us straightly, our number is +86 15610877708.

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