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Differences between FRP grating and common steel grating

1.Different appearance

The different appearance is the most obvious distinction between FRP grating and common steel grating. Fiberglass cover plate is mainly solid, or hollow in middle area, or hollow between the two layers. But its surface layer is solid and closed. Generally speaking, Fiberglass cover plate is a kind of closed sheet material. Appearance of fiberglass grille cover is based on the grating plate and bear the weight with cover plate. As a matrix, the form of grating plate is not only one, it can be a grid of grille, standard grille, convex type grille, and so on. But the cover plate on the surface is same as the fiberglass plate, there is not too much difference between them.

2.Different production techniques

According to the production techniques, fiberglass grille cover is much complicated than fiberglass cover. Fiberglass grille cover need to mold for grating plate, and then make cover by handwork. But fiberglass cover is only need hand lay-up process. The main is the different materials of them, material of fiberglass cover is glass fiber blanket and resin, and material of fiberglass grille cover is glass fiber yarn  and resin.

FRP Concave Grating5 - Differences between FRP grating and common steel gratingFRP Gritty Grating1 - Differences between FRP grating and common steel grating

3.different performance

The disadvantage of fiberglass cover is cumbersome on shape, it’s inconvenient for removing and installing. The disadvantage of fiberglass grille cover is the proportion of cover can’t be too large when using, or it is easy cause separation between cover and grating plate. What’s more, both fiberglass cover and fiberglass grille cover have so many common advantages, such as wonderful acid-base resistance property and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, ageing resistance, high flame resistance, non-conducting, non-conducting, have a long service life, and soon.

4.different applications

Relatively speaking, application of fiberglass grille cover is more extensive, it is usually used as trench cover, gutter cover plate, cable trench cover, launching trench cover plate, sewage cover, pool cover, and so on. However, applied range of fiberglass cover is only for some narrow space.

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